Friday, August 20, 2010

Diapers and Dancing.

This summer seems to have gone by in a blur. The State Fair is in less than week! How can that be?! I feel like it should still be the middle of June. This could be the effect of John's insane schedule though, which just makes all the days of diaper changes, walks to the park, and playing in the rocks mix together. And due to his insane schedule I haven't gotten my nightly pillow talk with him of all the random thoughts we've had throughout our days; which I believe is why I am writing on here. I need a vent. A place for all of my random thoughts to be spewed.

Do you ever have those nights where you feel as if you might just explode from the inside out? That was officially tonight. I think it was this crazy week all bottled up inside of me (VBS with preschoolers all week + working.... need I say more?), plus the addition of some crazy children tonight. Brooke has been sick since last night, but has hardly eaten anything in 2-3 days. She barely even touched her mashed potatoes tonight, which never happens! And when she refused them, I just broke down crying. I couldn't tell you why. I felt terrible that she wouldn't eat, and that because what I made probably made her sick little tummy feel even worse, she was going to bed hungry. And then both her AND Jacob cried through their entire bath. And while I was lotioning them up and getting them dressed. Jake hasn't cried during a bath since he was a month old.

And John is at a stupid fantasy football draft. I hate football season. Glad that he is having a fun night though, honestly.

But they are both now sleeping peacefully after all the chaos. And I am listening to Kesha and All Time Low. And yes, I danced and sang to every word of Tik Tok. Sometimes it just feels good to dance and be totally ridiculous, and have the stress just melt away. 

P.S. Just wanted to add in that my nanny interview seemed to go well! The family said they would get back to me on Sunday at the latest. We got along really well, and they have just about the sweetest baby girl ever.  Pray for me :)

Definitely bedtime now. At 10:30 on a Friday.... feels good! I do want to end every blog on a good note though, whether it was a horrible day, or a blissful one.

Little Moments
  • Brooke reading "Bathtime With Bubbles" to me. "Hi I'm Bubbles, its bathtime!" She read a part of a sentence from each page through the whole thing :) We obviously read this book too much!
  • Jake saying "Da-DA" after I kept telling him to say daddy. I think I squealed in delight more than he did.
  • Talking to our neighbor. She told me she watches out for our apartment and makes sure people aren't creeping when she notices that we are out of town for a few days (such as last week when we were at the cabin). She said she can tell we are gone when she doesn't see Brooke playing outside in the rocks for a couple days in a row. It feels good to know we have one good neighbor, among a bunch of crummy ones.