Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Big Rut & The Big E

I'm in a bit of a rut. A winter rut. I'm pretty sure all of MN (or the Midwest) is in this rut, but can it be OVER already?!?!

Today is the first day of more winter Spring. There is even an annoying Bubble Guppies episode on right now about the first day of spring. "Its such a beautiful day-ay-ay-ay!" Shut it little mermaids, and your odd under-the-ocean sunny day. Last year it was like 70 already, stunning weather. Which is probably making this long winter even worse, because last year's was so mild. I mean, I have pictures of going to the park in fall jackets in January. Blah. But I'm very ready to be done playing in the snow. Truth be told, I have been avoiding it for almost a solid month. I haven't brought the kids out while nannying for weeks, simply because I resent that it is still so freaking cold. And fellow mommies you know what I'm talking about here - how long can this routine of spending 30 mins getting snowsuits on for 20 mins of snow play, if that, last?!

Last year end of  March UP NORTH

Okay, enough of my ranting. I had to get it out, because my husband annoyingly adorably loves winter. Its creepy. We have been finding things to do though! We have been playing more inside: board games, indoor playgrounds, went to MOA last week (hooray toddler Tuesdays), "crafting", dance parties, movies, and lots of playing dress-up/with toys. Googling "games to play with preschoolers" has also been quite helpful. Seriously, google is my bff when it comes to finding junk to do with the kids. "Stuff to make out of pipe cleaners" has become a recent favorite when it is just me & the kids at home. So far the glasses have been a favorite. Next week we're making bunnies and flowers at work though! And hopefully this time Aaron & Jake don't end up stabbing each other with them.

Okay, no more winter blues. I was informed I needed to do an update on the Fam. I've gone to the OBGYN 3 times in the last 2 months. Can I first of all say having a male OB is awkward as heck?! But anyhow, I have been going because of pain in my uterus that my doctor thinks is Endometriosis. He thinks we caught it early on because I have only been feeling it for a few months. But also thinks it is the reason that John & I have managed not to get pregnant the last 3 years even though we haven't been using birth control (yes TMI, blah blah). So ,I have now been on the pill for 2 months (the hormones can help apparently), and the pain is mostly gone. It doesn't debilitate me for entire days anymore anyways. But he said if it continues to help and the pain gets even less, I just need to stay on BC. Forever basically. Which has thrown some odd emotions at me lately. We both felt we had been done having kids, but it makes me a bit sad that my body & a doctor have decided it 100% before I have. Like what if John somehow agrees to have another baby in the future once the kids are in school or something? And if the BC doesn't continue to help, or basically makes it at a stalemate, they first do a minor surgery to get rid of it, and if that doesn't work to stop it the end game is a full hysterectomy. I don't know, its just an odd feeling. And there is no way to know 100% what it is without doing the first minor surgery. So, I just sit here for a few months, and go in for another check in 3 months. Woohoo. But, I'm switching to a female doctor. Dr. Nielson is too much of a creepo.

Anywho! John is still working at Wells Fargo (BOOOOO evil bank). Seems to like it. We get sweet banking perks since he works there, which is nice! Its a different schedule to get used to, but we're making it work.

Brooke & Jake are doing great. Jake has been completely OFF his asthma medicine for 2 months. Such a blessing to have him healthy! I'm watching him like a hawk, but he seems to be doing well. Didn't even wheeze with his last cold! Both kids are in gymnastics through the city. It is so fun & adorable watching them do their classes :) Brooke started an evening preschool class, which she absolutely loves. She looks forward to it all week. Especially because her God-Mommy is her teacher! The only thing she is upset about is that they don't teach you how to write letters yet, so we work on that throughout the week; while we work with Jake on knowing all his letters. He is such a quick learner! He has all of his uppercase letters down, now just working on the lowercase.

I think I need to keep this up better. It really is a good release! We do have our internet back, so it should be much easier now :) Happy first day of "Spring", and I hope it is much warmer where you are!