Sunday, September 12, 2010

It Is Totally Worth It

So a couple weeks ago I went to a get together at a friend's place in Uptown. There were about 15 of us, and we had an absolute blast. There were a few people I had never met, some I had seen recently, and some I hadn't seen since graduation 3 1/2 years ago. It was so great to catch up with everyone right before school was starting up again.... but of the several people I hadn't seen since high school there was ONE thing on their mind with me....
"You're married?!"
"You have TWO kids?!"

But my favorite question, and one that gave me so much pleasure was:
"Is it worth it?"

My answer: Every second of it is worth it!

I wouldn't change my life for anything. Sure, some days I am insanely exhausted and feel I could hardly move. Some days Brooke terrorizes through the apartment like it is her mission to destroy everything in sight. Some days Jake's teething is so bad that he can scream for an hour straight and not a single thing I do will calm him down. But those days are not the norm. Brooklyn is the sweetest little girl, better than I could have ever dreamed of. She is very giving with her hugs and kisses, and feels that every person in the room needs one before she leaves some place. She loves to read, play outside, color, watch Mickey Mouse, learn new words, and anything to do with water or animals. Jacob has the biggest grin in the world; when he smiles his entire body seems to light up. Every morning when I get him out of his crib I get that amazing smile, and it makes 6 a.m. entirely worth it.  Every single day he learns something new: some new noise to make, a new way to move his body, how to better reach his toes to his mouth, and how to scoot his little self around on the floor more efficiently. He isn't crawling yet, but I am in no rush :)

I may not get to have my free and crazy 20's, but I don't think I would be anyways. If I drink at all, I have 1 or 2, and of something I actually enjoy. I'm not going to get a beer during happy hour just because it is $2. I am still going to get my 1 $7 fruity delicious drink that I love and enjoy it, instead of choking down some nasty thing for the sake of having alcohol. I know there are people that enjoy beer and vodka and all that jazz, I'm just not one of them. My kids will be grown by the time I am 40, and me and John plan to have the best 40's that we possibly can. We're hoping for a cruise a year, as long as we can afford it! And for now, we will do those things with our kids, and give them every bit of love that we have, and teach them to the best of our ability about how to be a good person.

P.S. Just to clarify.... we are not having any more kids. We always said we wanted 2 - a boy and a girl - and that we would be happy with that. I always wanted 1 that I could just spoil, but John having been an only child said we needed at least 2 so they could have someone to play with :)

Time to go finish the kids' room - it is looking so cute!!

Little Moments
  • Jacob starting to talk more. Well, babble. It is just so darn cute the faces he makes when he is trying to make a new noise ♥
  • Alone time the past 4 days. John & Brooke have been gone at the Behrens' cabin, so I have gotten some much needed alone time and relaxation while Jake naps.
  • Bringing Josephine and Clara out running errands with me on Friday. I forgot how much I missed being able to get out of the apartment/neighborhood with them. We had a lot of fun, and I loved watching them go through the 59 cent bins at Michael's to find their treasure to bring home for that day!