Monday, February 4, 2013

And The Award Goes To....

Dun, dun dun... Me! Joking, joking. It is the "Liebster Award" passed around to people with blogs. It was passed on to me from my friend Sarah at Representin'. She is lovely, funny, and understands my hatred of the monthly drill weekend ;-) So check her out!
As you can see I haven't blogged in quite a while! We have been without internet since the end of October(due to John's time without work for 6ish weeks, that money has been needed to catch up on necessary bills), but I figured I should take some time out of my watching NCIS on my break at work to do this because it looks fun. And internet will be coming back to our apartment in a few weeks, so I can actually keep up; yay!
So this Liebster thing is basically you do 11 random facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked, create 11 new questions, and nominate up to 11 new people (with less than 200 followers)! Sooooo here goes.

Facts About Nicole
1. I'm obsessive about getting my hair trimmed every 8-10 weeks. I hate split ends. This last trim I got had happened about 12-14 weeks (yes, I was freaking out) after my prior one, and the stylist left some split ends. I went to my normal stylist the next day and she got all of my ends for me and evened out the growing out-ness of my bangs. I shall never leave her again.
2. I love holiday crafts. Me & the kids + the nannied kids are all heading to Michael's for V-day craft supplies this afternoon!
3. Superhero/action movies are my favorite. Girly movies are lovely too, but I would happily watch The Avengers over 27 Dresses any day.
4. I also can't read girly books. I have tried to read 4 different Nicholas Sparks novels... oh my word. I suffered through about 3 chapters in each and had to be done. The movie versions are much better to me!
5. I just found out I have Endometriosis. It kinda sucks and is painful, but me & my OBGYN are going to be BFFs for the next few months while we figure something out to "fix" it.
6. I genuinely enjoy school. I'm super excited to start back at it this summer!
7. I have a strong sense of smell. If something smells weird in the apartment, I smell it out until I find out what the culprit is. It drives John nuts :)
8. I have huge feet. Size 10 (sometimes 10.5 ever since having Jake). And I'm not exactly "tall" at 5'5, so I'm always buying shoes based on if they make my feet look smaller!
9. I love being outside. I cannot wait to bring the kids camping and hiking this summer, I hope to instill a love of the outdoors in them!
10. I dislike having to dress up for things. Besides holidays/weddings; those are fun. I think that is a big part about why I love my job so much... I can go to work in sweats and a hoodie and its perfectly acceptable. Nanny win!
11. Playing "active" games with the kids is my favorite part of my day. Hide & go seek, red light green light, dance parties, treasure hunts.

The Answers
1. What are your last 5 Google searches?
What channel is HLN Network on Direct TV
2001 Chevy Trailblazer
How many pages in Game of Thrones
Sushi Tango, Minneapolis
2. What is your first memory?
Pushing my brother off my grandparent's fireplace and him hitting his head before my first day of preschool. We are awesome siblings.
3. What is one decision you have made that you will never regret?
Having both of my kids. I have ALWAYS been very pro-life, but when it came down to that time of unplanned pregnancies I was terrified. I looked into my options, prayed a lot, and finally came to the decision that they both had a plan, so who was I to decide to to change God's plans? They are both such immense blessings to our lives, I'm so glad I made the right "choice" in keeping our beautiful children.
4. What's one thing you would try if you knew for sure you would be great at it?
Opening a foster home for kids of all ages. Its my dream to foster kids and treat them right. If I knew for sure I would have the funding and could help so many kids, I would do it in a heartbeat.
5. "The Notebook". Yes or No?
Most days, no. But if I'm already in a crummy/sad mood, it is a great movie to continue being sad through.
6. What would you do if you had $1 million, and only an hour to spend it?
Buy a plane, and as much fuel as the remaining money could find it. Then I could still use that money for a long time, to do my favorite thing; traveling!
7. What is your dream job?
Interior Designer. Designing layouts of houses every day... I know, I'm weird. But I LOVE it. I can't wait to help design our own home some day.
8. Do you believe in "love at first sight"?
Not at all. Lust, obsession, "holy crap hes hot" - yes. Well, except when it comes to having kids. there is definitely that feeling when you first see their adorable yet nasty covered with junk selves that you're like "Wow, I am going to love this little person for the rest of my life"; and it is amazing.
9.  What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A vet. Until I discovered I would have to care for EVERY animal, not just dogs and horses.
10. If you could change one thing about your wedding day, what would it be?
Getting pooped on by a bird. Walked outside onto the terrace, and immediately had bird poo on my shoulder/chest. Everything else was amazing though! Oh, and being pregnant, wouldn't recommend it haha ;-) The day becomes much more exhausting!
11. What is your idea of the perfect vacation?
Beaches, sleeping in, time to finish a book or two, my husband, an interesting history to the place, and a LOT of exploring of where ever it is we happen to be.

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....and anyone else who has a blog that I'm not following! (P.S. Send me the link to your blog, I love reading them!)

11 Questions for my nominees
1. What is a used-to-be favorite outfit that you are now horridly embarrassed about?
2. Best breakfast cereal?
3. What is something you always had on your wish list as a kid and never received?
4. Favorite fairytale, and why?
5. Do you have a favorite quote, and what is it?
6. If you could switch lives with anyone (living in the present) for a day, who would it be?
7. What are 3 songs that make you feel good?
8. What is your favorite genre to read?
9. Villain you would most want to be (from any movie)?
10. Do you want to live as long as possible (even if you end up getting sick), or would you want to die before "old age" sets in and you can no longer do everything you love?
11. God gives you any superpower you want, what do you ask him for?