Monday, November 21, 2011

Hes Back, Life Is Good

    Hmmm its been a while since I've done this! Well, John is back home, and life is pretty much back to normal.

    I never thought it would be so hard/weird getting used to have him home again. At first it was like we were stumbling around each other (and on top of each other... hahahaha) trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. I wasn't sure if I should/could leave him alone with the kids (a lot of things change after 7 months when it comes to 2 toddlers!), but I didn't want him to think I didn't trust him with them. I learned to trust it, and to leave a list like a babysitter would. So that both children would leave the house with shoes AND a jacket AND in normal clothes, not pajamas..... oh yes people, it happened. But, that part is over, and we're back to what feels normal, but a better version of normal than when he left. Those months apart can really change a relationship! And thankfully it changed ours for the better. So, now, I am greatly enjoying having my man back, and the kids love having daddy back :) Brooke still worries every now & again though that he is going to leave for "army school" again. Especially now that his new job is full time with the Guard and he has to wear his uniform every day *that is my favorite part ;-)*, she tends to freak out that hes headed for the airport again. Hopefully she'll figure out Daddy is home for GOOD (until sometime 2013 they say) and she can just get used to him coming home at night.

    On another note, I have found some military wives to be a tad on the crazy/oversensitive side (btw check out Overly Sentsitive Military Wives on fb.... its awesomely hilarious).... Such as, this weekend I wrote I was excited for John to get home from drill. Because I missed him. Well, sure enough, I got a message on fb from a woman whose husband is still away at training (we became fb friends during John's BCT) telling me how rude it was to put that I missed my husband when he was only gone for 2-3 days, when her husband still won't be home for another 8 weeks. And that I need to be more "considerate" of other military wives and not making them sad because my husband is now home & gets to come home after a couple days of training. That I need to remember how hard it was having him gone for so long and how upset I must have been hearing other people say they missed their men when they must have had no idea what I was going through. That I sounded civilian. Well, I would like to say that YES I do miss my husband when he is gone. I miss him when either of us is at work. I miss him when he is gone for the entire weekend, our time to spend together now that he is home. And no, I didn't get upset that other people missed their husbands. And seriously people, I'm sounding civilian?! Who the hell cares! I AM a civilian married to a soldier. I don't do all of the training. I wasn't the one gone from home. But, anyways, I just wanted to say that heck yes I do miss my husband when he is gone. And I will shout it to the freaking world if I want. Because you don't need to earn your right to miss someone, or to say that you do. That is absurd. I absolutely remember how tough it was for those months. It sucked. And yeah, when I saw my friends' husband were coming home, it made me sad because I wished John was home then too. But I wasn't upset with these friends for it, I rejoiced with them in the fact that they finally got to get back to their normal. Ugh. Just amazed at how people are able to pick at every little thing. So, sorry if I'm not sensitive enough for you! Go hangout in your 100 "army wife" shirts and dog tags and sweats, feel awesome. Yep, that was childish. Darn. And really, go tell someone who has someone they love deployed overseas about your issues about your husband still being at training so that they can shut your mouth for me. Your man isn't in any real danger while training. You know for a fact they are alive at the end of every day. Gosh, I would love to see that conversation.
     So anyways! Now we are getting ready for the holiday season! Thanksgiving is this week. Pretty excited for that food coma! NUM. Annnnd for Black Friday! Which is my 2nd favorite holiday besides Christmas. No, it isn't because of the shopping. There have been several years where I don't have the money to get anything (which will include this year!), but it is the day that just makes it fun. Going to the stores with all the rest of the crazy people, and spending the ONE day every year where my mom, sister, and I get to spend time together completely childless & husbandless. We have a blast, while being crazy sleep deprived. Helping find the things on each others lists, and figuring out which stores have the best deals on them. Pushing and shoving through crazy people. Standing in line for 45 minutes, pushing our pile of stuff across the floor, wishing we could just lay down and fall asleep on top of it. Trying to avoid the bathrooms because of the horrid smells from people's Thanksgiving meals. Finally listening to Christmas music (I refuse before Thanksgiving). And this year our shopping begins at 9 the night before! Crazy stores opening up at insane times. But, at least we will get all night to hang out childless. Since in the morning the kids are coming with because John has to work. Thank goodness we will have the big stores done by then! I'm still holding out hope that John's boss will come to his senses and tell John they don't actually work that day ;-)

    Hope all of your have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to spend it with your loved ones! Stay classy.