Monday, September 26, 2011

From Every Trial, Knowledge Can Be Gained

It's crazy, there are only 3 days left until John is home!!! And we will be done with this stretch of his military career. And he finally gets to be with us. Every day. This seriously has been the longest 7 months of my life, but I feel we really learned quite a lot....:

  • People in the military lie about how long BCT & AIT "feel". "It will fly by!!" <--- Never believing those words again. Lol. It didn't, it felt incredibly long, and this last week seems to be dragging on the longest.
  • As much as it would suck, and there is a solid chance I would fully lose my mind, I am very capable of doing the whole single mommy-hood gig.
  • I have respect for single parents, but I have extreme respect for single parents who don't have the other parent to "drop off" their kid/s with every-other weekend/week/whatever. It is hard. Being with your kids basically 24/7 and them only having you to rely on at home.... It isn't fun.
  • I love & appreciate my family & friends dearly. Everyone has been so helpful, even as much as I hate accepting the help, the gesture is appreciated.
  • As much as I love family being so helpful, I hate having to rely on them. I don't like having to rely on anyone.
  • There is nothing dumber than having a fight 2000 miles away from each other.... it accomplishes nothing.
  • I appreciate my job & my bosses so much... They have always been so flexible & understanding!
  • I have missed having a guy to talk to at all times. I love my female friends, truly, but sometimes you just need a man to tell it exactly like it is, with zero drama! And that being said, I apologize to my male friends for the last 7 months, because I was probably much more talkative than usual, and I'm sure about weird, random crap. Lol. Thanks for listening to my rambles.
  • I appreciate everything my husband does so much.... I may complain about Sundays when the NFL takes priority over everything else, but seriously, I can probably count on my fingers the number of times each month that I have cooked a real meal for me & the kids. I cannot wait to have time to cook again.
  • I hate "visiting" my husband. It just sounds wrong.
  • I feel I could "handle" a 9-month deployment now. With him having been gone 7 months, and both me and the kids came out with minimal scars, another 2 months would be nothing. I mean, it would suck, hardcore, but in the long haul it isn't as bad as it could be.
  • I hate doing dishes. A lot. I'm ready to be in charge of laundry again and John be in charge of dishes.
  • ACUs are sexy. End of story. (Yeah I'm not much of a fan of the dress-blues)
  • Sex is a wonderful thing. Going without it for months at a time sucks.
  • I cannot wait to see what our future holds. At the moment, it really is up in the air. I'm ready to make decisions and see where life leads us.
Thank you everyone for all of the encouragement, prayers, help, and distractions these past 7 months. Now to go to bed, and dream of the man I will be seeing in 2 days & a wake up :)