Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Typical Day

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

It is really hard to think of a "typical" day in my life.... most days are very different! I work part-time as a nanny, babysit for my nieces/nephew 1 day/week, have 1 day totally off which is our laundry day, and then there is the weekend, which is generally busy trying to keep the kids entertained! But there are some parts to the day that is typical...

6-6:30 a.m.> Jacob wakes up. Sometimes he wakes up Brooklyn too, but he generally leaves her be. And a couple times/month he sleeps until 7! I feel like an entirely new person those days.

7-8:30> Brooklyn wake up some time in here, every day is different. And if we're watching my sister's kids, we leave the house by 7 that day.

6:30-8:30> Breakfast, shower for me, gets kids dressed and ready, do the same for myself, pack diaper bag, check facebook/email, watch 5 minutes of the news before the kids yell for cartoons, search for sippy cups, keys, and shoes that have all been hidden somewhere within the apartment

8:40> Leave for either work (Mon, Tues, Fri) or the gym (Weds)

9-1ish> (Mon, Tues, Fri) Do the nanny thing, which generally includes snack time, cartoons, playing with oodles of toys, playing outside (this time is generally quite relaxing actually!), wrestling, a lot of breaking up fights & kissing boo-boos, diaper changes, playing princess or doctor, making lunch, cleaning up toys & dishes, laying Addison & Aaron down for their naps, and then Brooke, Jake, & I head home to lay them down for naps.

7-4ish> (Thurs) Watch my nieces and nephew. Day consists of a lot of the same as nanny days but the baby is much younger and my older nieces are much more helpful with Brooke & Jake! And it involves lots of baby snuggles and enjoying the good baby smells :)

1-3> Nap time. At home I mostly relax and catch up on Game of Thrones or read a book, and sometimes take a short nap myself (especially the days Brooke insists on cuddles in order to sleep). Very rarely this time is actually productive haha but sometimes!

4ish-6> Any of these activities: Play outside, do puzzles, color, play playdoh, go for a walk, go to park, kids attacking John when he gets home from work

6-7:30> Prepare and serve dinner, give kids baths, clean up toys from the living room

7:30-8:30> Pre-bedtime wrestle time, read books, cuddles, prayers, checking for monsters int heir room in all sorts of ridiculous places, including but not limited to - under the bed, in the princess castle & barbie house, int he closet, in all lights & pictures, in the fans, in eyes, nose, and mouth. Finally we are allowed to leave their room and they (usually) stay in bed.

8:30-bedtime> Sit down and let the body relax, turn on some show or movie, cuddle with the hubs on the couch when hes home and not playing Diablo (that game blows btw), clean up dinner dishes, lock doors & windows, go to sleep anywhere between 10 and midnight.

I know, my days are super exciting and thrilling haha. If you made it all the way through you should receive an award!

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