Friday, June 8, 2012

Strengths & Weaknesses

13. Describe 5 weaknesses you have.

 - Food. This is easily my number 1. And sweet over salty ever since Jake was born, before him I didn't have much of a sweet tooth at all. And this new "diet" (I'm going with calling it a lifestyle change - aka lifestyle to look awesome in the swimsuit John bought me for our vaca) is testing that weakness, but so far, so good! Sweets & chips, I shall defeat you.

 - Underwear. I get gift cards for VS from the hubs (a lot) and easily spend every cent on underwear (I fully realize this isn't what John wants me to buy with them haha oops). You can never have too much! And there are so many cute & different styles & colors & designs! If there is anything I hoard, its underwear.

 - Clothes shopping for the kids, or really any form of shopping for any children. I love the amazingly well-kept hand-me-downs from my sister and a couple friends, but there is nothing like seeing brand new adorable outfits on the kiddos... Lets just say I'm officially not allowed to buy them another single item of clothing until fall. 

 - Insecurity. Its a huge roller coaster of emotions, and I know drives my husband insane. But my body is so completely different after having kids, I have to tackle dieting and working out so differently than I did before... the old tricks don't work and figuring out new ones that do is freaking hard! So, this one is still very much a work in progress.... Talk to me again in October. That's my end date.

 - Anger. Mainly taking out my anger on my husband. I mean, he is the only adult I see most days besides my bosses, and taking out anger on 2 & 3 yr old's is just not okay! So he is generally the poor soul who has to take the big load of my daily frustrations. And when he is gone, every few days I am far too short fused with the kids, because he isn't there to let it out on. It is something I'm really working on, and need to find another area to displace my anger to. An okay area.

14. Describe 5 strengths you have.

So I'm not so big into the soul searching thing and I found this much harder than the weaknesses, so I asked John for list off the top of his head.... here is the list he texts back:

1. "You're a jawsome mom" (yes he actually said jawsome)
2. "You're tactful for the most part"
3. "You're a great kisser, amazing actually"
4. "You make sweet spiced potatoes"
5. "You see the best in people; which is good, because I see the worst"

Well, there ya have it. So come on over for some spiced potatoes sometime, apparently they're good enough to make the top 5!

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