Thursday, April 26, 2012


Guess who fell behind on their plan to blog better? This girl. Spring cleaning projects, the gym, SLEEP, and life have taken precedence the last little while. Which I think is good, but I want to keep up with it to a point :) Plus, I have this stalker-girl from Wisconsin who visits my blog at least daily... Her name is Ashley and shes a tad crazy. We have completely cut her out of our lives except I can't block her from my blog. But ah well, at least she is blocked in all other manners at least! So for this one I'll be answering some questions from a friend's blog that she asked me (and a few others) to answer. Although, sorry Amanda, I'm not writing my own new ones at the end. Lol. I just don't have the mental capacity for it today.... The day is only half-done and already it has already drained me to exhaustion (laundry day + hyper kiddos = really, really busy morning).

1. What inspired your blog?
     I honestly don't entirely know. There was never really a "purpose" behind it. Except to vent a little. I started it a couple years ago at the end of a crazy-busy summer. John was never home due to work, and it was nice to get on here and just vent a little about how the day went and how I was feeling about things, because I wasn't able to with him as much. So, I guess loneliness inspired my blog.

2. What lessons have you learned from blogging?
     That more people pay attention than you think (or sometimes want to); and to keep my mouth shut about certain things. But really, I only use the second one when it comes to blogging, I guess I haven't applied it to real-life just yet. Ah, well :)

3. Whats your favorite article of clothing you own and why?
     My Express jeans. They fit wonderfully. Make my butt look awesome. I could wear them for a month straight and they would never stretch or lose shape. I have never done this btw but I have worn them a couple days in a row before and they're fantastic always. So whoever says spending a little extra on jeans isn't worth it, they're a liar. I have had them for over a year and they have never faded, stretched, or worn holes (and that is saying something for how often I am crawling around on the floor with my kids). My last pair lasted 5 years!

4. It's a rainy, gloomy day. What are your plans?
     Solid chance a Target trip is going to happen, I love to shop when it is crummy out. Bringing the kids out in the mud & puddles to play (as long as its warm enough). Lots of movies. And home cooking. I also love to cook on rainy, yucky days.

5. One pet-peeve when it comes to blogging?
     Constantly spelling words incorrectly. I'm sure I do it too, but I know it isn't 50 words/blog. There is a spell-check button for a reason - use it!

6. Losing what piece of jewelry would devastate you the most?
     My wedding ring. Hands down. Obviously. I have misplaced it before (because I'm not one of those people that wears my rings 24/7, those babies come off the second I'm home to relax for the day), and I was flipping out until I finally found it. It now goes 1 of 3 places always: top of the hutch on the computer desk, top of the bookcase, or top of the candle in the bathroom.

7. Where would you recommend going for a quick getaway?
     The North Shore on Lake Superior/Duluth. It is beautiful, there is tons to do, and there are so many places you can get away to be completely alone if you want to. It is my absolute favorite place in Minnesota. If we stay here the rest of our lives, I hope to one day move there.

8. Your next goal in life is what?
     Finishing school. John & I both start up again this fall. I really enjoy school (for the most part), so I'm excited to begin again.

9. Favorite comfort food?
     Mac n cheese. With a hot dog on the side.

10. If money was no object starting NOW, what would be your first purchase?
     New cars for both John & myself. He would get a truck, I would get a Traverse, it would be glorious.

11. A book you've read more than once and can recommend?
     The Help. Its amazing. I have read it twice since I got it this past fall. The movie is great, but the book is that much better. Read it.

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    Ahhhh, Target. Yes!